I am Sander, and I am extremely curious about the human condition and our place in the bigger picture. I like to believe that the common and ordinary have stories to tell that have the power to turn our perspectives upside down. Change in perspective and the subjectivity of the human mind is something that truly fascinates me. As I discover new ways to view and understand our world I make photos and films to express these moments.

Sander started making photos in his own back garden of the life forms living there. This was soon to be followed by toying around with video cameras. He graduated in Amsterdam as a BSc in Biology and successfully completed a master in Wildlife Documentary Production in Manchester.

He currently works as a camera operator and editor in the media industry. Coinciding with his film and television work, Sander creates autonomous photography projects to explore new techniques in creating stories through visual content.
Sander ( '92 ) is currently based in the Amsterdam region, The Netherlands.